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Louisville’s Eye on Climate Change and Economy


Climate is an important influence upon our economy and the lifestyles of people in communities throughout Kentucky. However, climate is variable. The city of Louisville recently analyzed periods of warming and cooling which occurred in the past Century, along with precipitation data. Kentucky’s climate has been warming since the most recent cool period of the 1960 through the 70’s. The Metropolitan Sewer District board is reviewing a possible rate increase to help cover some $1 billion in capital projects.  Recent reports show how the frequency of intense storms-those dropping three inches of rain or more-have doubled within the last decade with experts warning of global warming which would subsequently stir up bigger storms, notwithstanding the longer periods of drought.  Weather radar that has been studied shows the frequency of three-inch rains in local areas that are expected to increase from one every 2.6 years to one every year. Although, rainfall totals can vary widely across the county during any storm. With more flooding events likely, the city is recommending upgrades, county-wide, improving drainage system capabilities.

A side note…When flooding occurs the flood pumping stations can be useful in order to pump out stored rainy sewage waters. Such is the case for the nearly 65-year-old Paddy’s Run Flood Pumping Station in West Louisville. The station may now run for months in a year, instead of only a few days a year as it is has been a vital component of recent wet weather events. More than half of the 16 flood pumping stations are beyond their 50-year designed lifespan. The expected increase will also address the pumping stations and there current state of usefulness.

Coming soon: Perma-Liner Industries is busy making plans for you. We’re planning a “Trenchless Tour” on July 27th in the New England area. We’ll be posting more information on this spectacular event…stay tuned!