Waterline Renewal Technologies

Louisville’s 2016 Budget for Water Main Restoration


The Louisville Water Department has made important advancements in order to improve the functioning of the water systems. The current goal is to reduce the number of annual main breaks to less than 635 breaks per year. There are approximately 4,200 miles of water main in the system, ranging in size from six-inches in diameter to 60-inches.  Louisville Water will spend $21 million to inspect, repair and replace mains in its service area after the Board of Waterworks approved a $3 million increase in the money for infrastructure projects as part of the company’s 2016 budget. The estimated expense will be $12.4 million on the smaller pipes in the system and $8.9 million on the large transmission mains. For the larger mains, engineers will use robotic technology that moves through a main while it’s delivering water. Rates continue to be some of the lowest in the region. This year, the average price for a family using 5,000 gallons of water a month will be $23.77. This represents a 20-cent increase for each week or 80-cents a month. Louisville infrastructure dates back to 1860 and there is still one section of the original pipe in place.

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