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Hustonville Gets the Go-Ahead for Sewer Upgrades


The County of Lincoln has begun a sewer rehabilitation project that has been in the making for several years. The project, in its entirety, is expected to cost upwards of $5 million. Much of the expense will be paid for in grants and loans. The timeframe for the sewer upgrades will be approximately one year, with a probability of completion prior to that. Once the city completes the project the connections to the sewer from residences can be at the assistance of a certified plumber. Notification letters will be sent to homeowners regarding landscaping and what to do to protect it from the ongoing repairs. The district will construct sewer taps for customers’ homes as part of the project, including crossing streets with pipes if necessary, at no cost to the customers. The City of Hustonville will also inspect each sewer connection at a fee of $100 and customers will need to notify the Hustonville Water Office once construction of their sewer pipes is complete. Once sewers are connected to the new system, households are instructed to pump and disconnect old septic tanks from the home.

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