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End In Sight for Sewage Overflows in Southern Indiana

If everything goes as planned, New Albany residents will see an end to sewage overflow during heavy rains.

Residents have been dealing with this issue for decades. In 1992, the EPA came in to regulate the city’s unsanitary sewage problem as this area used to see as many as 80 overflows a year. Now, they are down to approximately 11.

The last overflows in the city were somewhat concentrated to a certain area of town that will now be installing 1.6 million gallons of storage underground. This storage will essentially capture excess sewage when the sewer system becomes overwhelmed during rain events.

Because of the ongoing sewage overflow problems, the EPA put restrictions on the city’s development. The installation of the 1.6 million gallons of storage is expected to take care of the issues and complete the obligation the city has with the EPA.

The city is hoping this installation helps with economic development because right now the EPA is regulating how much and how many businesses and homes can come onto the sewer. The city officials claim it’s restricting their growth.

Though they’ve worked for years to stop the overflows, sewer department officials believe this is the final solution to alleviate the problem altogether.

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